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Vitali + Ksenia
Villa Furuvik, Turku, Finland
Wedding planner Ksenia Kirpu
Andrey Levitin
My Finnish clients, Ksenia and Vitaly applied to participate in a TV-show called "The most attractive wedding in Finland". It was a gorgeous venue with the sea as a decorative backdrop, beautiful green scenary in a serene garden that one could only imagine. The TV show accepted the young couple to be a featured on one of their episodes and was there to shoot the wedding. Of course, this factor made shooting this wedding extra difficult because of all the TV crew and equipment on site. My initial thoughts were to make sure we shot this wedding as though there was not a film crew around. After some last minute trouble shooting, coordination and quick adjustments, we were able to capture a wonderful wedding without a trace of the TV crew or cameras. Enjoy the clip!

From Ksenia and Vitali
Thank you so much! It is just amazing wedding video, we just love it!! Very beautiful and emotional. You really did a great job! Thank you so much. There are memories for the whole life time and you helped us to remember that...

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