Sam + Darya. Santorini, Greece
Our wedding took place on the wonderful Greek island Santorini 25th August 2015. There is great good luck that Tatiana shooted our santorini's fairy tale! We acted 2 days which passed on one breath. Tatiana made impression of sincere and very open person from the first meeting. She had so many ideas how better to shoot, which scenes to imprint. I worried that my future husband will not have a patience for 2 days of shootings, but she fascinated him that he did not complain at all. Our video is fantastic, full of details and the most beautiful acts. I cry from great happiness when I watched our clip! Tatiana is a real professional, kind, sociable and sensitive girl! Tatiana, thank you for our fairy tale, our memory, our happiness in that magic moment of our wedding day!!! We will be delighted to show our video to our future children.

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