This past September I had the pleasure of working with an incredible couple at The Wayfer's Chapel in Palos Verdes.

Arli and Joseph were such a beautiful couple to work with because of their great energy and all the lovely details they incorporated during their wedding day. Being that Arli is Hawaiian, she incorporated a lot of her culture into the celebration: From beautiful Flowers, leighs, Hawaiian singers and dancers, to an incredible tradition where Joseph had his wedding band tattooed on his ring finger.

Capturing all these things was so exhilarating because of how unique and special every moment truly was. You could sense the significance of every tradition, which made capturing the energy of everyone in attendance incredible. I can honestly say shooting this wedding was a joy.

From Arli and Joseph

We cried and laughed many times!! Incredible! Wonderful! Loving! Epic Day of our Lives and You captured all of it!!
An Enormous Thank You Tatiana!!!